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TypeBug Statusbuilt Date2-Jul-2010 03:42
Version005 Categoryn/a Submitted byGraham
PlatformAll Severityminor Prioritynormal

Summary crash in vid-text-body demo
Description Type in one character eg R
tab out
select it again

** Script Error: Out of range or past end
** Where: repend
** Near: form value
Example code


Assigned ton/a Fixed in006 Last Update2-Jul-2010 13:43

2-Jul-2010 06:56

This is due to PARAMETER-LIST unable to display a string that has gone past its end in its SET-FACE function.
2-Jul-2010 13:42

Somewhat fixed by returning a string "Past End" instead of the series itself, however eventually there needs to be a better way to display such data.

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